AKFINANCIALS LTD offers a comprehensive 4 month online training program for highly motivated people. Our training program bridges the gap between seminar theory and real trading results.

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Psychology / Control your Emotions
  • Developing your Trading Plan
  • Trading with expert Traders
  • This training program costs only $1495.

    The training program will not just help you understand the theories, but will also allow you to trade under the mentorship of our experienced traders. You will be monitored and given feedback on your trading mistakes.

    Graduating from our course will give you the opportunity to become a professional forex / commodity trader for our company.

    Register Now - Only $1495 for 4 Months Training

    Why pay for our training program
    Let's start with a core principle: You aren't just paying to train. You're investing in yourself to succeed in a new career

    If you want to train to trade the markets you have 2 options:
    Option one is to train yourself. In theory it costs you little but the result is usually predictable: most beginners lose more money than they can afford. This is because they have little experience, no expertise, and they donít have the benefit of a community to help them
    Option two is to let us train you.

    However, you need to make a financial commitment which is worth it because:
    1. Our course will hugely increase your chances of success as a trader.
    2. Your fee for our training is only $1495 for 4 months.
    3. Our Students can become professional traders for our company

    Register Now - Only $1495 for 4 Months Training